About Hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure becomes more common as we get older. Indeed the old term for age-related hypertension is ‘essential hypertension’ as it was thought to be an ‘essential’ part of ageing! It’s becoming more recognised nowadays that hypertension and insulin resistance are very closely linked. Most often hypertension reflects stiffening of the arteries which increases the resistance or pressure the heart needs to beat against to get blood around the body.  Over time, pumping against this increased resistance can cause damage to the heart.

A very strong relationship exists between mild to moderate hypertension and insulin resistance. Improving diet and stress levels can have a beneficial effect on improving hypertension. We can give you individualised and targeted lifestyle advice to improve these parameters and possibly reduce or altogether eliminate your blood pressure medication. If you do take blood pressure medication, you should make such changes under medical supervision. Sante Medical can help.

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