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Weight Management

At Sante Medical, we offer a unique and effective approach to weight management. Even if you’ve tried ‘every diet’ before, we can help you achieve a healthier weight and maintain this for life. We are able to do this for a number of reasons:

  • Our clinicians have vast qualifications, experience and expertise in successful weight management.

  • Our journey with you on your weight management journey begins before you even step in the door. We collect detailed information about your health, diet history, exercise, stress and sleep quality, history of sugar addiction and binge eating. After each consultation (and with your permission), we will provide email follow up regarding topics discussed in the consultation, relevant resources and a recap on your plan. This will set you on a successful path to achieve lifelong improved weight management. No cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach here!

We work with you as a unique individual – no cookie cutter approach here!


Do you have Type 2 Diabetes or have been told you have ‘pre-diabetes’? You might not be aware that there are 3 accepted ways to reverse the Type 2 Diabetes: 1) bariatric surgery; 2) a Very Low Calorie Diet and 3) a Low Carbohydrate High Fat (LCHF) or Ketogenic Diet (KD) without calorie restriction. For various reasons, LCHF and the KD are significantly under-utilised in our current medical system to reverse the condition. At Sante Medical, we are passionate about offering this legitimate and effective lifestyle strategy to patients with diabetes so they can gain control of their condition and their health. This will also save our struggling healthcare system thousands, if not millions of dollars moving forward. This is why we feel it is so important to safely help people who wish to use this option to transform their health for the better. Please book in to see us if you are interested in gaining control of your diabetes beyond what you ever thought possible, and significantly reduce or in many cases cease your diabetes medications. if you have diabetes, you MUST seek medical advice through Sante Medical or elsewhere before undertaking any significant dietary change. If you are taking diabetes medications, including insulin, it can be very dangerous and/or life threatening to make such changes without adequate and experienced medical supervision.


Even mild high blood pressure, or hypertension can be a sign of some serious imbalances in the body. At Sante Medical, we will help you adopt lifestyle measures that can be more effective than medications at reducing high blood pressure. In many cases we can safely reduce the dose or stop blood pressure medications.


If you have a chronic condition not listed above, chances are you will be able to improve it using our strategies. Our strategies can improve conditions such as mild depression/anxiety, polycystic ovarian syndrome, non-alcoholic fatty liver, migraine and others. If you are not sure if we can help, please call or email.