Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions about Sante, or curious as to whether we can help with your condition? See our frequently asked questions below. If we haven’t answered your question here, please feel free to contact us.

Who should come to Sante Medical?

Sante Medical is run by GPs but we do not replace your regular GP. We offer specialised lifestyle advice to treat and prevent chronic disease. To illustrate, imagine you go to a dedicated skin cancer clinic to have your ‘moles’ checked. You don’t need a referral, and you maintain your relationship with your regular GP. However, you know your skin is being checked by an experienced doctor who has a special interest in screening for and treating skin cancer. Chances are, their experience and qualifications are superior to your regular doctor who might only treat skin cancer occasionally amongst treating other common GP presentations in their usual practice.

At Sante Medical our area of ‘special interest’ is the early detection and treatment of some of the most problematic diseases of our society today, such as diabetes and obesity. Please come to see us if you want detailed, written advice on your current health status and roadmap to improve your overall health, beyond what your GP can normally provide during a standard 10-15 minute consultation.

Who should NOT come to Sante Medical?

We are not a regular GP practice. We specialise in the identification and treatment of chronic disease using lifestyle strategies. Please don’t come to see us if you have acute chest pain, fever, cough, severe abdominal pain or a skin cut requiring sutures. Don’t book in if you are due for a pap smear, skin check, or vaccination. See your regular GP for all of these issues. If you are not sure if a problem you have can be treated at Sante Medical, please contact us to check.

What are the fees?

Initial medical consult (30 minutes): $180, with a medicare rebate of $72.80 can be claimed to eligible Medicare Card holders.

Follow up medical consult standard (up to 30 minutes): $180, with a medicare rebate of $72.80 to eligible Medicare Card holders.

Follow up medical consult short (up to 15 minutes): $89 with a medicare rebate of $37.60 to eligible Medicare Card holders.

Dietitian and Psychologist consultations: Call us for further details.