Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Sante Medical, or curious as to whether we can help with your condition? See our frequently asked questions below. If we haven’t answered your question here, please feel free to contact us.

What if I already have a regular GP?

Great! If you already have a regular GP and want to see me for advice on the Low-Carb Diet, you are more than welcome to do so. In fact, I would encourage you to maintain your relationship with your regular GP if you are happy with them and/or if you live or work more than 20 minutes from Paddington. I will write to your regular GP as needed, and I’ll copy them into any relevant investigations (with your permission).

On the other hand, if you don’t have a regular GP and you live close enough to the practice, I’m happy to serve that role for you and act as your trusted partner in health 🙂

What are the fees?

Consultation fees are based on time and complexity, according to the schedule below:

GP Consultations:

Initial or Review GP consult (7-10 minutes) – $65, with a Medicare rebate.

Initial or Review GP consult (11-19 minutes) – $85, with a Medicare rebate.

Initial or Review GP consult (20-30 minutes) – $150, with a Medicare rebate.

Initial or Review GP, Initial Low-Carb consult* (31-40 minutes) – $180, with a Medicare rebate.

Initial or Review GP consult prolonged (41-50 minutes) – $240, with a Medicare rebate.

Initial or Review GP consult prolonged (51-60+ minutes) – $280, with a Medicare rebate.

*Low Carb consultations include email follow-up with personalised resources.


Dietitian Consultations:

<20 minutes – $70

>20 minutes – $120, with Private Health and Medicare rebates available to eligible patients on a GP Care Plan. Ask us for further information.


Skin Consultations:

Skin cancer checks and procedures – See above as per GP consult, time dependent.

Cosmetic Anti-Wrinkle Injections – $14 per unit.

Cosmetic Anti-Wrinkle Consultation – Complimentary.

Skin cancer excisions and biopsies (Per 15 minute appointment) – $45 – $60 Gap.

Cosmetic skin and other procedures – A full list of prices is available by contacting our reception staff.

Pension Card Holders – Receive discounted fees, a full list is available from reception.

Brief review consult (<10 minutes) – Bulk Billed at the treating doctor’s discretion (No out of pocket cost). (Eg: weight/BP check; script renewal).

Mental Health consult (>30 minutes) – Between $150 to $270, depending on time taken and complexity, with a Medicare rebate.

Cancellation Policy

Our Cancellation Policy

We require at least 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel or change your appointment. This is to allow us to help as many people as possible address their health issue, as we have a high demand for our services.

Our cancellation fee depends on the length the appointment time booked according to the following schedule:

15 minutes or less: $65

30 minute slot: $150

45 minute slot: $240

We will make reasonable exceptions in the circumstances of severe illness of yourself or your immediate family or death in your immediate family.

Thank you for your understanding.

What services do you offer?

At our core, we are a GP clinic with a special interest in using lifestyle intervention to improve a range of conditions. We also run a skin clinic which offer skin checks, skin cancer treatment and cosmetic injectable anti-wrinkle therapy.

At the moment we treat adults and children (over 2 years of age) for new or existing problems and check ups.  We don’t do baby checks yet, unless we have looked after the mum of the baby her during pregnancy.

What services do you NOT offer yet?

  • If you are severely unwell (for example with chest pain or severe abdominal pain), you are best off being assessed in your local Emergency Department.
  • We don’t offer Diving Medicals. You need to find an Accredited Dive Medicine Specialist
  • We don’t prescribe S8 medications, including opioids on a first consultation.

How do I know if I should come to Sante Medical?

First and foremost I am a GP and Sante Medical is a General Practice. So you are welcome to come in for any GP-related concerns, including screening activities like pap smears and skin checks or if you are unwell with something like a cough, cold or tummy ache.

My ‘special interest’, if you will, is in diet and lifestyle measures to improve health and treat conditions. I always touch on these topics, in addition to prescribing any necessary medications for conditions as needed. 

Over the last few years I’ve found various versions of the Low Carb diet particularly helpful for patients and my own health. I educate people on how to empower themselves and provide resources and support to help them do this.

Your fees seem a bit higher than other GP’s…

Not technically a question, but I’ll let it slide 🙂

I put a lot of time into my own professional development on the topics of nutrition and health. During consultations, I take time to distill this often complex information to digestible chunks for my patients. This takes a lot longer and is much more involved than writing you a quick script and sending you on your way! So while my out of pocket cost might seem higher than some other GP surgeries (although still in line with AMA recommended rates), the value provided in the quality of care I provide more than compensates.

What if I don’t want to do the Low-Carb Diet?

That’s ok! While I believe the Low-Carb diet is a fantastic option for many adults, I understand it’s not for everyone. I’m certainly not a low-carb or Keto zealot and let’s face it, there are many factors aside from diet that play an important role in overall health. I believe it’s important not to forget these!

As I mentioned in a previous FAQ, I see my role first of all as a GP.  To me, this means I’m your advisor and advocate to help you achieve your best possible health, however that might look for you. If that’s using a Low-Carb diet, great, but I won’t yell at you if you have a slice of sourdough.

Are you a Functional Medicine Doctor?

The short answer is, No. The longer answer is, I consider myself an allopathic, mainstream GP, and that is the area in which I’m trained and have experience. That being said, I consider myself to be open-minded and will happily look into any health related topics for you and give you my honest opinion. I do have an interest in some topics that cross-over into the realm of Functional Medicine, for example, using supplements in certain situations to achieve health goals.

The topics of health and medicine are vast and no one has all the answers, but I have genuine interest and passion for these topics both personally and professionally. I always strive to give you my most unbiased advice.

If you’ve read this far, you probably know I am an advocate for Low-Carb Nutrition. I believe in our high-carb world, this way of eating can improve many complaints common in our modern society. My views on nutrition for optimal health at times run counter to mainstream views, and I don’t come to these conclusions lightly. They are based on decades of study and experience. These days nutrition advice is unfortunately tainted by various interests, which at the end of the day aren’t always related to human health. I explore some of these topics in my blog posts tagged ‘Food Politics’ which you can read HERE.  However, I don’t consider my approach ‘alternative medicine’ particularly given Low-Carb nutrition is becoming more recognised and accepted by mainstream  medicine as a legitimate approach to treat conditions like Type 2 Diabetes (seen here and here)