woman preparing her favourite dish

How to figure out your Ideal Diet

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The ‘Diet Wars’ are always thriving on social media. You might wonder, how can it be that highly educated and intelligent people will argue until they’re blue in the face…
grains under the microscope

Putting Grains Under the Microscope

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In the last blog post in my series on Nutrition, I discussed the history of the Australian Dietary Guidelines (ADGs). I spoke about the strong emphasis on reducing fat, particularly…
health apps

My Favourite Health Apps

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Overuse of digital handheld devices is emerging as a contributing factor in an array of health issues. From cervicogenic headaches to anger and anxiety, I think the full story of…
Fat Failures

Fat Failures

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While it’s not my intention to be controversial or overly political in this series of posts, I feel I need to explain why my approach to diet can differ to…