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Common Nutrients of Concern

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A low carbohydrate diet can be incredibly nutritious; however, some nutrient goals may be harder to achieve, to consistently attain these goals we recommend planning meals in advance. Variety is…
preparing for your blood test

Preparing for your blood test: How to do it right

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This time of year a lot of people are checking off items on their to-do list, one of these might be getting an annual check-up. A common thing we'll get…

Why You Should Pay Attention to Weight Maintenance (even if you’re not at your weight goal)

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You might be wondering: Why would I read an article that talks about weight maintenance when I’m so far from my weight goal? The reality is, over 99% of people…

Five reasons why you’re feeling tired all the time (and what to do about it!)

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Do you feel tired all the time? As a GP, this is one of the most common complaints we hear about from our patients. In this article, I discuss the top…