Why You Should Pay Attention to Weight Maintenance (even if you’re not at your weight goal)

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You might be wondering: Why would I read an article that talks about weight maintenance when I’m so far from my weight goal? The reality is, over 99% of people…

Five reasons why you’re feeling tired all the time (and what to do about it!)

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Do you feel tired all the time? As a GP, this is one of the most common complaints we hear about from our patients. In this article, I discuss the top…

5 steps to Breeze Your Way Through Menopause

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Why talk about menopause in this day and age? Many of us fear the dreaded Menopause - if it has not caused us to sweat all day and night or…

The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Weight and Metabolism

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Have you been struggling with your weight for years and are at your wit's end? Feel like you've tried everything - weight watchers, Keto, fasting and nothing seems to work?…