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Our Approach

I’m Jackie Montefiore, a medical doctor trained in General Practice. During my years of experience working in the healthcare system both as a doctor and previously a dietitian, I’ve seen first-hand the limitations of the current medical model. I believe at all stages of healthcare, a greater emphasis should be placed on disease prevention and using lifestyle interventions first and foremost to prevent and reverse chronic diseases. Over the years I’ve helped myself, family, friends and patients with my approach and I hope to help you too. I believe we all have the capacity to improve our health and I’d like to empower as many people as I can to do this without needing expensive supplements, pills, tests or procedures. I think these changes can and should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone and I’ll be sharing as many tips and resources on this website as I can! I have a group of trusted, like-minded health professionals that can give extra guidance and support as needed. Thanks for visiting, and I look forward to helping you out.

I believe at all stages of healthcare, a greater emphasis should be placed on disease prevention and using lifestyle interventions.


Diet is undoubtedly the most important determinant of health. If you take prescription medication and are planning to make significant changes to your diet (like LCHF), you’ll need to have ‘medical supervision’ to do this safely. We’ll show you how to get the maximal benefit from your diet to maximise nutrient availability, optimise energy levels and eat delicious meals!


We all know exercise is good for our health but often times people get injured, overly fatigued and give up. We’ll show you how to approach exercise to match where you’re at with your health now and how to modify this into the future.


An under-emphasised, but incredibly important determinant of good health is getting enough quality sleep. We’ll show you the best techniques to get the best sleep possible without relying on potentially harmful drugs.

Stress Management

Nowadays, we experience a completely unique set of stressors compared to any time before in humankind. Sometimes we don’t even realise the effect modern life is having on our health and other times we know we are stressed but we don’t know what to do about it. We’ll address and improve your stress levels, regardless what form they come in!