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Welcome to Sante

Welcome to Sante Medical! ‘Sante’ is a French word for ‘good health’ and we feel it perfectly summarises what we are about. We run a small General Practice… with a difference. Our mission is to guide you to use simple, targeted lifestyle modifications to improve your overall health first and foremost. We have longer appointments and use a holistic approach. We provide resources after your appointment to help you implement what you learn and give you a clear roadmap to achieve your best health possible.

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Our approach:


We all know exercise is good for our health but often times people get injured, overly fatigued and give up. We’ll show you how to approach exercise to match where you’re at with your health now and how to modify this into the future.


Diet is the most important determinant of health. If you take prescription medication and are planning to make significant changes to your diet, you’ll need ‘medical supervision’ to do this safely. We’ll show you how you can maximise nutrient availability, optimise energy levels and eat delicious meals!

Sleep management

An under-emphasised, but incredibly important determinant of good health is getting enough quality sleep. We’ll show you the best techniques to get the best sleep possible without relying on potentially harmful drugs.

Using simple, targeted lifestyle modifications to improve your overall health

Meet your doctor

Hello, I’m Jackie Montefiore, a fully qualified Medical Doctor with a fellowship in General Practice. Prior to my career in medicine, I was an Accredited Practising Dietitian. In total, I’ve accumulated almost 20 years of experience and education in the fields of medicine and dietetics. I’m passionate about bringing to you the most reliable, unbiased advice to genuinely improve your health status.

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