Whole Foods Diet

About the diet

It’s no secret that at Sante Medical, we are very partial to using a ‘whole foods’ or ‘LCHF’ (Low Carbohydrate High/Healthy Fat) diet as a tool to help our patients achieve better health. This is for a variety of reasons, which we will discuss in further blogs and emails, but for now it’s worthwhile to know what exactly do I mean by ‘LCHF Diet’?

In a nutshell, a LCHF diet is focussed on eating natural, unprocessed foods. Examples of foods commonly eaten on a LCHF diet are meat, fish, chicken, eggs, vegetables grown above the ground, berries, nuts and full fat cheese. Eating this way naturally causes one’s diet to be lower in carbohydrate and higher in natural fats than our current low fat diet recommendations. A more extreme version of the LCHF diet is the Ketogenic Diet (KD) which further restricts dietary carbohydrate for the purpose of achieving a particular health goal. We can give you advice as to if a low-carbohydrate diet is suitable for you and what form it should take.

The degree of carbohydrate restriction is very individual and should be personalised for everyone. Our specialty at Sante Medical is developing a personalised way of eating for you, based on solid scientific evidence to help you achieve your health goals.

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