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Weight Management

Weight Management

At Sante Medical, we offer a unique and effective approach to weight management. Even if you’ve tried ‘every diet’ before, we can help you achieve a healthier weight and maintain this for life. We are able to do this for a number of reasons:

  • Our clinicians have vast qualifications, experience and expertise in successful weight management.

  • Our journey with you on your weight management journey begins before you even step in the door. We collect detailed information about your health, diet history, exercise, stress and sleep quality, history of sugar addiction and binge eating. After each consultation (and with your permission), we will provide email follow up regarding topics discussed in the consultation, relevant resources and a recap on your plan. This will set you on a successful path to achieve lifelong improved weight management. No cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach here!

There’s a lot of confusing information when it comes to losing weight.

Advertisements bombard us daily with weight loss programs, pills and supplements. Every week the media reports on a new ‘diet’ for weight loss. Information is conflicting and patients and doctors alike are very confused!

However, it’s becoming ever more apparent that the traditional advice to ‘eat less and move more’,  follow a ‘calorie controlled diet’ have been at best unhelpful and at worst harmful when it comes to helping people control their weight.

For some people, these approaches have set them off in a harmful dieting cycle, with the end result in them finding themselves in a worse situation than when they began. This is very sad, and what’s even worse is that the traditional medical model will ‘blame the patient’ rather than entertain the possibility that the advice might have been wrong for that patient!

The reality is that for many people, the conditions of overweight/obesity and insulin resistance are closely linked. In fact, most people don’t realise how insulin resistant they actually are and how this is affecting their health.

For people who have a degree of insulin resistance (that is, most adults), setting off using the traditional approaches of a low calorie diet combined with a vigorous exercise program will do them more harm than good.

How could this be?

A low fat diet will be ineffective for the person who is insulin resistant. This is because it will fail to lower insulin levels to a degree that will enable the body to burn it’s own fat stores

It will be ineffective and unsustainable for the person who is insulin resistant. A low fat / low calorie diet will be ineffective in the long term as insulin levels inadequately improve and that means the body won’t be able to burn it’s own fat stores.

It will be unsustainable because it doesn’t take into consideration the appestat, the area of the brain within the hypothalamus responsible for appetite control. 

The person will be hungry and fatigued, and in our current food environment, there is no way the person can continue on a low fat diet. Instead, the primary goal should be to improve the insulin resistance. If this is done, weight loss and other health improvements will naturally follow.

If you are unsure what to do, you should seek accurate advice following a thorough assessment of your current health.

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